Two mighty albums released this year make a reference to Himmler…

The Shins – Australia

Dare to be one of us girl
Faced with the android’s conundrum
I felt like I should just cry
But nothing happens every time I take one on the chin
Yeah Himmler in your coat you don’t know how long I’ve been
Watching the lantern dim starved of oxygen
So give me your hand and let’s jump out the window

The Tragically Hip – World Container

There’s a world container with your name on it
and a billion ways to go berserk
when the country quits on you
it must be dinner
and the Himmler on this one is, there’s no dessert
(he’s the one who couldn’t imagine
all the people living life in peace, yoo hoo oo oo oo)

So why Himmler? Heinrich Himmler was a prominent member of the Nazi party and primarily responsible for the entire Holocaust (as organizer). The “Himmler” on his story is that the British captured him but committed suicide before he could be put on trial at Nuremberg.