What a week it has been. The storm was truly something to witness. I just posted a few pics on Flickr, shown to the right. It’s day 6, still no power in Kenmore – many of the streets around us do as of 6pm tonight. Hopefully tomorrow? We’ve been at my parent’s house for 3 days after 3 days in the cold and dark at home. Thank God they got power when they did.

Jack’s a trooper, Jen’s a rock and grandparents are the best hosts to have.

Some links for you…

YouTube: Sleepy Kitty (aaawwwwwww)

Pathetic Fallacy on Buffalo Hardcore

Fantastic hosting at Media Temple – think I might make the switch from Godaddy.com for Wnymusic. Double the money but 5 gazillion times the features (SSH!)

Jeremy Enigk has a new album out – World Waits – AMG hates it

Firefox 2.0 RC3 is out. Using it now. The tabs look pretty but built-in spell checking for from textareas is where it’s at

Mike Watt – legendary bass player with the Minutemen, among other things, now playing bass for the reformed The Stooges (first album since 1974’s Raw Power)