This is me in Grade 9!

Back in the mid-80′s I joined my first band, Pathetic Fallacy. We were a punk/hardcore/skate band with a lead singer, his positive message and 3 skate punks who could barely play the bass, guitar and drums.

Pathetic FallacyBandwagon
Expect To Fail
Little Things
Gotta Be Heard
Make A Division
Spark Of Life

Coolest thing about this demo was that it was recorded by Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls in their practice space and features Johnny Reznik playing the opening to one of the songs (see if you can pick it out – he really used to be a decent solo guitarist). I played on George’s drumset and was nervous as all hell.

Thanks to Derek Daniels for sending me these mp3s 20 years later – I really appreciate it!

6 thoughts on “This is me in Grade 9!

  1. Mike

    Wow, there’s more!
    I taped this out of a friends older brother’s collection in the late 80′s or early 90′s. It had 5 tracks and no song titles. Good to hear it all and get some back story.

  2. forrest

    sorry but i must correct this blog….
    these recordings where tracked by P.F. with a stolen cassette 4-track in dereks basement.
    we did a 9 song follow up to the goo sessions.
    we had 4 radioshack mics……derek was playing
    threw a peavey tnt bass amp.
    i was playing threw dereks gorilla practice amp into my fender bassman.
    we cut all the rhythm trax live to 2 trax….
    then we did chucks vox on track 3 and BG vox on track 4.

    we made 100 copies on cassette.
    not bad for a self produced release for a bunch of 16 year old kids.

  3. forrest

    one last thing… was engineered by derek and myself.
    the drums where mic’ed with one mic hanging from the ceiling
    we mixed it down in his bedroom to his “hi fi” cassette deck

  4. forrest

    hmmmmm……the tape mike is talking about sounds like the goo sessions.
    i believe that one had 5 songs on it.
    so does this mike have a copy ?

  5. forrest

    upon further listening on head phones i have come to the proper credits to this comp of P.F.
    it is very clear
    the 5 tracks recorded by robbie and johnny have a much clearer bass tone…reverb on chucks voice…clearer toms and a bit more polish…

    the tracks that we did in D’s basement have jay’s drums….less bass definition…way more distortion on the vox and everything else and NO reverb …minus what you hear from the basement …and oh…..i do recall a few punkrock girls hanging out for the basement sessions….good times

    recorded by robbie
    make a division
    expect to fail
    we got be heard

    recorded by me and derek in the basement
    little things

    there is another 6 trax from basement sessions
    i know some skatepunks in ohio got a copy
    one track hat stands out in my mind was
    “animal rights” ie our “ballad”

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