I’m such a sucker when it comes to Google. I instantly grab anything they push out, install it and figure out what it is later. I must admit though, things like the Deskbar, Desktop Search, Google Updater, Google Home Page (the customizable one), GMail (need an invite?), AdSense, Toolbar (IE and FF) and I’m sure a few others are things I use everyday and could not live without. A few others, like Google Reader and Google Pages didn’t have me coming back again.

I just can’t figure out Google Reader. It’s almost like Google knows the best way to read RSS feeds and is trying to teach me and I’m just not getting it. It’s useless to me. Google Pages is pretty nifty but it is what it is, a simple way to create simple pages at a simple URL. You can see my Google Page over here.

But after months of waiting, I finally got my invite to Google Analytics and I IMMEDIATELY added it to wnymusic.com. I’m not really sure what it will do for me, I never really cared much about stats… I know I get a lot of hits, yada yada. Some people have balked at my numbers but I don’t make this stuff up – they’re just haters who constantly worry about stats. Not me.

Maybe this will change now that i have a slick interface to watch it all go down in real time. Looks like they have some version of Urchin on steroids but it’s layed out in typical Google fashion; no fancy graphics or fonts, just the data you need, where you’d expect it.

Now if I could just get my freaking Yahoo Mail Beta invite, I’d be happy!