18 years after the first time I saw the Circle Jerks in concert (1985 at Buffalo State College), I saw them again and eventhough they played pretty well, I was left unimpressed by their political rants and basic attitude towards the audience. We were half way into this Iraqi conflict and you really got the impression that the people at the show just wanted to rock out and support the troops. And NOT stand around bashing them.

I was actually more impressed by GBH who opened the show. If they have any original members that would be amazing. They may have had more than 1, I’m not really sure, but the energy was there and they just wanted to be PFR. And they were.

Fast forward to tonight when I check out OnDemand on the ole’ cable box. I was thinking about it this afternoon and how every once in a while something good pops up. A couple of months back there was a REALLY great Doves live concert FOR FREE. Can’t beat that.

But what did I find tonight? You guessed it, a live concert of the Circle Jerks playing at some House Of Blues for $9.95. And maybe that’s not a bad thing, I’m not accusing them of of selling or anything, they deserve to be paid for entertaining people – I just wished they had entertained me last time. Apparently this is in support of a new DVD they have out.
You can also get Iggy & The Stooges for $10 or get some real entertainment with the Drive By Truckers for $4. Spend your money wiselfy (yet foolishly).