It was like a dream, or I just wasn’t really paying attention, but Sunday night I was either playing with the boy or talking Jen (probably both) and I vaguely remember The Simpsons being on in the background and "Comic Book Guy" was on and I thought to myself "did he just say his name?" but i was too distracted and forgot about it.

Anyone who follows the show closely knows that he has never had a name, he’s just "Comic Book Guy" and I know and work with people just like him.

Well, I just happened to stumble across this article on that tells me it wasn’t a dream and he does have a name now: Jeff Albertson. Which apparently has no significance, they just wanted to be sly and slip in an unassuming name in the dialog as if no one would notice.

Not a huge deal I suppose but if nothing else, it’s another of life’s mysteries. solved.