A couple of amazing things happened for me this week and it’s tough to even say which one I’m more proud of.

Yesterday marked mine and Jen’s 4 year wedding anniversary. I’m not so much “amazed” by that since I see us being together for a long time and it’s no wonder we’ve made it this far. To put it into context, I bought Jen our cats, Socks and Boo, for her birthday 7 years ago just after we moved in together. It seems like yesterday and though we’ve gone through everything a normal couple goes through, I can only remember great times and A LOT of fun together. I think about Woodstock ’94 and what a grueling adventure that was and how we did it together. I look forward to what the future holds for us as we wait for the baby to arrive.

Which brings me to the second amazing event that happened this week. We got to meet Jack. Monday we went for our first sonogram where we found out that not only is our baby healthy, he’s also A BOY!! So not only do we now know we’re having a boy (runs on my side of the family apparently), but we’ve picked out a name: John (Jack) Ronan Gerland. Being able to refer to the baby as a him and even further, as Jack, seems so right to both of us. One of the pros they say of finding out the sex of your baby before the birth is the ability to bond with him or her on another level and I truly believe that. When Jack finally comes, he won’t be a stranger but rather that expected loved one you await to arrive at your door. Now that’s amazing.