Won’t even beat around the bush, WE’RE PREGNANT!!! Well, I’m not but Jen is and folks, we couldn’t be happier!

As of today, we’re starting week 16 and everyone’s healthy and happy. The due date is November 21, 2003 so we’ve still got a few months to go before the big day.

If you know me, then you probably already know the BIG news so Jen and I would like to say thanks to everyone that called and sent cards and gifts. Thank you!

It’s pretty wild to have onesies, rattles and bibs around the house already. In the first few months, not a whole lot goes on and the whole thing about having a child is sort of abstract so having these things around is an eye opener, to say the least.

I’m adding a countdown ticker to the page as well as a voting system so you can cast your vote as to the sex of the baby. And if you haven’t noticed already, there are two new icons to the top-left for changing the background color of this page. Enjoy! And stay tuned!!