I suppose an explanation is in order for my little bobbing friend you see below. Recently, my favorite sister-in-law Lorraine went to Japan on a business trip and brought Jen and I back a few gifts. Jen got a beautiful bowl, barring some structural deficiencies, and I got Fisher and my very own Domo Kun! The Domo Kun is a dream come true but there’s something about Fisher that is so intriguing and relaxing. People at work have been talking about it and a few people have seen the movie below and asked what the heck it is. Fisher is a “Cherry” Hidamari No Tami (trans: “Sunny People”), solar powered, enjoys fishing with his little yellow buddy and will dutifully hold your business card in place. Turn off the lights and Fisher goes to sleep. He’s a well mannered, pink, smiling piece of Japanese technology and he’s here to stay. Thanks Lorraine.